Fight Between Anushka and Shruthi Hassan

Both Actresses has best fan following in south India. Shruthi hassan acted in Bollywood movies as well as South Indian movies. Anushka has the best craze in south India. This both Actresses had much demand for their upcoming films. Fight Between Anushka and Shruthi Hassan. These both actresses selected for the Simgam movie. Which is a huge hit in south India as well as in Hindi version.




The movie starring Surya and these two actress as leading female role. The fight between this two is that who should have more time in the movie. Basically a leading character will be given more preference and screen presence.

In the second series of Singam movie Hansika had more screen presence than Anushka. In the third sequel we need to wait and see the movie to say who has more screen presence. Both the actress wants to have more time in the movie.

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