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Failures Of KCR After Establishment Of Telangana State

What KCR Has done to Telangana State?

Failures Of KCR After Establishment Of Telangana State

KCR is the first CM of Telangana after forming a new state. Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao is the full name of KCR. KCR has started many activities after becoming CM of Telangana but most of them are not succeeded either useful for people on Telangana state. KCR doesn’t developed Telangana state as expected. If you think about it what are the achievements does Telangana state has after having KCR as CM the answer is nothing. The road of Hyderabad are the biggest failure of TRS governament. Almost 20 people died during the floods on Hyderabad due to unclear drainages. KCR said that he will make the Telangana state as the first state to have all facilities in india. Yes, KCR did it but in a different KCR had done telangana as the first state to have 50,000 crores of loan in the bank. CM KCR said that he will build a massive number buildings to all the villages in the Telangana state but he didn’t built in all village he did it just for his native village. These are the activities which are done by KCR The CM of Telangana state. Think by yourself which was the most useful activity for all the people which is done by KCR.

All The Failures of KCR KCR Useful activites What KCR has done helpful activites done by KCR What he done to Telangana State? Uses of KCR activites Activities done by KCR these are the failures of CM KCR KCR the CM of Telangana state

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