Everything You Need To Know About Hacking And Hackers

The Art Of Hacking

Everything You Need To Know About Hacking And Hackers. Hacking is one of the cybercrime which is used for taking over the control of other electronic gadgets. Most of the hackers has created a lots of troubles for the government and other private companies. There are still some of the hackers who are working for the government by being anonymous. Some of the hackers even gain the reward for finding the loop holes of a particular program. So here is the information about the types of hackers and types of hackings.

There are many types of hackers some of them are Red hat hackers, Green hat hackers, White hat hackers, Black hat hackers, Elite hackers and many more. Most of the hacks are done by network sniffing or by cloud sniffing.

You will get to understand the types of hacking and hackers briefly by watching the video which is provided below.

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