Ethereum Hacked Once Again The Users Can Get Unlimited Ethereum

Ethereum Hacked once again

Ethereum Hacked Once Again The Users Can Get Unlimited Ethereum. On March 21st 2018 in san francisco based on the coin base publicly revealed Ethereum glitch which allows users to get unlimited Ethereum. By using a smart contact the user can get Ethereum as much as he want. This glitch is a huge loss for the Ethereum it is going to effect the ethereum once again. The users can get profit but later it will be waste for the traders the coins they are grasping will definitely be no use for them.

Ethereum dip in sunday


The Manipulation Of Smart Contract Allows The Users To Get Unlimited Ethereum

Just recently the san francisco research team has found that the smart contract glitch is effecting the Ethereum. The coins which investors are gaining are from this glitch. The bug is known to the public by march 21st but that was being in the Ethereum from december 2017. Coinbase has rewarded the dutch analysis for finding the bug in the ethereum smart contract.

The researchers had received an ETH code from the smart contract. This helped the analysis that even after the execution of the smart contract the bug will not be fixed and the investors can gain coins from the ETH glitch.

According to the analysis of Vicompany a user can manipulate the ether balance by using smart contract. Vicompany claims that if a internal transaction fails all the transactions would be reversed. However the transaction doesn’t reversed. The company analysis gone wrong.

Coin base isn’t the only exchange where the people are suffering from the glitches. In the february the japanese exchange had also same sort of bug that allowed investors to gain BTC for zero dollars.

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