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How to Earn Money from WhatsApp

How to Earn Money from WhatsApp

You may be wondered how we can earn money from Whatsapp or may think we are fooling you. Those are the common things which come into any minds. But if you think so you may be really fooled yourself. Yes we can earn money from Whatsapp and the further conversation will lead you how to do it.

Well!! Here we go everyone will be fond of Whatsapp for chatting or for sharing any interesting things and that sharing is going to help you to earn money. Not only Whatsapp but you can do this from any of the social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter… etc. . . . It’s a simple thing and can be done easily by any one.

Earn Money from WhatsApp

First of all you need to know about a site named “Shorte” this site provides us advertisers same as Google ad sense not exactly but a bit similar. What we have to do is: we will be seeing and sharing many interesting things every day before we share something we just have to shorten it in this site i.e. before sharing a video just copy the video link in this site press shorten and your shortened link will be ready to use and whenever you wish to share it just share the shortened list and they will provide the advertisers for your shortened link and money will be credited to your account.

The upper image will give you the broad view of the site where you have to shorten your links. Copy your link and paste it in the space provided at the top now press shorten and your new link will be ready to use. Use that link for sharing to earn the money. And the money will be given to you as per the traffic in the country in which you will share the video. It will be different in different countries.

And now here you can see how to withdraw the amount you got from that site. You need to have a paypal account for your withdrawal the site sends the amount to your paypal account and you can further transfer them into your bank accounts. All you need to do is create a paypal account and link it to the site shown above.

This is how we can earn money from Whatsapp or any other social media. Hope you have understood how to do it and keep following us for all the latest updates.

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