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Durgam Chinnaiah Biography | Bellampalli MLA

Durgam Chinnaiah Biography

Candidate  name : Durgam chinnaiah

Father name : Rajam

Age : 43

1. no. 1-165/B jondavenkotapur, nenella, adilabad.

Spouse: Jayathara

Constituency: Bellampalli under Peddapalli Lok Sabha constituency.

Assets: 70 lakhs

Liabilities: 1 lakh

Criminal cases: two cases charged.

Election won in the year: 2014

Data According to My Neta Website

Durgam Chinnaiah is an Indian politician. Durgam Chinnaiah is a resident of Adilabad district of Telangana. His was born to Rajam. Now his current age is 43 years. Home address: R / O 1 –1 6 5 / B, Jondavenkotapur,  Nenella, Adilabad. His voter names enrolled as 003 Bellampalli constituency Telangana, at serial no. 778 in part no. 183.  And he has assets of 70,20,000. And liabilities of 1,23,000.

Durgam Chinnaiah education qualification is I T I which he completed in Peddapalli. Per year he earns a total income of 2,41,000. There were two charges placed on him. He owns a motor vehicle bearing the number that is A P 0 1 T V 4 4 1 9, which is purchased in 2010. His wife, she is a housewife.

She bears a gold of 10 grams of gold. 2 grams himself. He owns an agricultural land which costs around 18,00,000 including all the lands combined. He has a residential building which is named on his wife. The building costs around 40 lakhs Rs. And house no. 1- 20/3 Mancherial sy. No 268.

Political career

After Durgam Chinnaiah completed his education, he has worked as a social worker and involved in an activity of the welfare of the people and he has also interest in dancing. Durgam Chinnaiah nominated from T R S party for Bellampalli constituency. Bellampalli constituency of Adilabad of Telangana legislative assembly. It’s among the 10 constituencies in Mancherial. It comes under the Lok Sabha constituency of Peddapalli. Bellampalli consists of 55,841 voters. Durgam Chinnaiah won in 2014 election as T R S party candidate.

Durgam Chinnaiah won with a majority of 52,528 votes in Bellampalli constituency and defeated a member of the communist party and his name was Gunda Mallesh in the 2014 elections. In that year election, 62.13 % voting has been registered. Later through schemes of  T R S party people have been benefited for last four and half years and they also been a lot of welfare schemes like pension for people crossing 60 years, they have sanctioned aasara pensions, pensions for a disabled person.

Other schemes like KCR kits and Rythu Bandhu schemes. He concludes that over 50,000 people have benefited in the constituency of Bellampalli. Durgam Chinnaiah is confident that this schemes and work done by them will help in upcoming elections to gain their victory. If he won the elections he  Promises that Asara pensions will be increased from 1000 to 2016 and for a disabled person it would be 1500 to 3016. He also promises that unemployed people will get an allowance of 3016. He believes that people will vote for them and after winning the elections they would keep their promises if they win. Elections are in December on 7th.

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