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Why Dragon Ball Super episodes becoming bore? 

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Many of the fans were mostly interested in action scenes and interesting sequences rather than boring stuff. I am a dragon ball fan since my childhood. I am waiting for the existing upcoming episodes but the last 2 episodes failed to reach the hype they created.

We know about the fusion between kale and kaulifa but the power levels of this episodes isn’t satisfactory. Goku gained such a huge power with very intense training for years. Kale and caulifa are reaching the power levels of Goku so easily. Even kale matched Goku’s blue form so easily and kefla in base form defeated Goku super saiyan 2 form. Whis mentioned the potential of universe 6 saiyans is very high. By the words of Whis the power levels may be justified but not satisfactory.

What is Going To Happen After Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super

Next point is screen presense. It’s been much saiyan show. Well! You can tell me that the main characters of dragon ball are saiyans but I  wanted to tell you that there are plenty of other characters we love to see on screen.few minutes of other characters would have made the episodes so satisfactory. Andriods and Friezza screen presense is being much lower.

The upcoming episodes of the dragon ball super might be much existing but the past two episodes 113 and 114 have disappointed much dragon ball lovers. Let’s hope for the best episodes to be released soon. This article can be considered as an open letter from a dragon ball fan.

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