Donald Trump Has Made A Withdrawal Of Nuclear Deal With Iran

the Withdrawal Deal of trump

Donald Trump Has Made A Withdrawal Of Nuclear Deal With Iran. Trump the president of united states had made a withdrawal of JCPOA of the Iran country which was from the Obama-era. The withdrawal of deal has made on Tuesday. The Donald Trump has announced that “its clear that any country cannot prevent the nuclear bomb of Iran, The deal of Iran country was defective from its beginning. If our country do nothing then we all know that what will be the consequences of our mistake. Therefore, today i’m announcing that the JCPOA deal of USA and Iran will be withdrawal from now.

By the withdrawal of deal Iran country nuclear bombs and other programs has been stopped. Before this withdrawal the Iran country people made some different bombs and sold them for millions in cash. These transactions and also crimes of Iran has been restricted by the sign of Trump. This may or may not matter to the people of Iran but the nuclear bombers and other criminals may get a big trouble by this. The single sign of Donald Trump has made a huge difference in the nuclear company of Iran this will definitely effect the Iran country more than anything.

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