Diwali is the famous and  most important festival celebrating around all over the India. Let us know about diwali date 2017 and diwali 2017 holidays list.  In this year 2017 diwali will start on 18th October on  Wednesday date (18-10-2017). It will continue for five  days till 22nd of October till Sunday.


About Dewali Festival and diwali date:-

Diwali is a Hindu festival  celebrating for the  victory of god over evil,  light over darkness.  This festival is celebrated   all over the India by all the Hindus, Jains, Sikhs etc.,.  whole India  celebrating this festival diwali so it is considered  as government holiday,  on 18th October it is a holiday.  Diwali is a colorful festival and celebrating with lots of happiness and joy.  On the occasion of Diwali  everyone will celebrates the festival with colorful lights and lamps because of victory of light over darkness.    The festival  diwali is also known as Laxmi Puja,   and people  worshiping goddess Laxmi on diwali. People distrubuting different types of sweets after the completion of Laxmi Puja.

Diwali starts with cleaning and decorating the houses, offices with different lights, lamps and flowers very beautifully. In the evening time people starts  lighting the lamps and lights.  And starts worshiping goddess Laxmi by performing Laxmi Puja at home and offices.  After that everyone shares sweets and enjoy the day by greeting and wishing each other.  And  kids starts firing the crackers and celebrate the day of diwali very happliy.


Here is the list of five imporant days celebrating diwali by different people in different ways.  And  the importance  particular special day is mentioned here with complete information about it. So people can find here easily about these speacial five days list.

  • Dhan Teras (Dhanvantari Triodas)- The first day of diwali is called as Dhan Teras and it is the official begin of this festival diwali. Most of the people believe  that on this special day god Dhanwantri originated from ocean with Ayurveda. And most of the people buy gold, silver, jewellery etc.,. on this day.
  • Kalichandas/ Narak Chaturrdasi (Choti Diwali)- Second day of Diwali is called as Kalichandas.  And most of the Indian people call this day as choti diwali, On this day Lord Krishna destroys  the demon Naraksur and free the world from evil.
  • Diwali/ Deepawali ( People worshiping Goddess Laxmi )- Third day of diwali and this day is the actual diwali and on this day people worships goddess Laxmi and people celebrates the festival  by lighting lams and lights, and fires the crackers on this day.
  • Govardhan Puja/ Vishwakarma- This is the fourth day of diwali and on this day people worship the instruments, arms and mechinary etc.,.
  • Bhai Dooj/ BhaiBeej- Fifth day of dewali called as bhai dooj on this day brothers visit their sisters home and greet the sisters for long and happy life, and sisters cook sweets for their brothers and distribute the sweets to brothers  with love and joy.





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