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Did Akhil Scared of his new movie

One of successful person in Tollywood film in Industry is Nagarjuna . His son Name is Akhil is his debut film is named is Akhil. Which is said to be released in October 22nd but postponed the film due to some technical problem in making of the movie. Akhil gave many interviews in recent times. He had participated in the movie development functions in many places.




In the new TV show an anchor asked few questions about Akhil’s new movie. Did Akhil Scared of his new movie. She asked Akhil that why the title Akhil is given to your debut film. He said that he was bit scared while taking his own film Title as Akhil but he later agreed after talking with the directors and other members around him. Hope the movie might be a success. All the best Team Akhil. From Team Being Legends.

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