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Dheeraj Kolla’s Artitude Where Aspirations fill in Passions

Here is the story of a guy who stays inspiring people around him with his commitment and versatile passion and his uncompromising zeal towards his interest i.e, Micro Art (Pencil Carving) and being a role-model to students around him.

Dheeraj Kolla’s Artitude Where Aspirations fill in Passions – Founder and President of AVN E-Cell

As every other kid and a random student even he had special interests in co-curricular activities and Art World. But to a very regular Indian family being passionate to other interests that aren’t career making and earning worthy is like hypocrisy.

Dheeraj Kolla

He liked to be different, he wished to stay unique all the time and that zeal made him choose Art World (Pencil Carving). He started his efforts in leisure time by learning basics which obviously turned out to be failed attempts. Later on with utmost concentration he tried it and could make it happen in 40 minutes, which he posted as his first achievement in facebook profile relevantly it had a crack in the other end it’s been a semi-successful attempt.He got a mobile gifted by his parents.



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But this guy being stubborn and passionate towards his interest turned to an expertise artist under the guidance of an artist from instagram of china being his first mentor and Krishna who has been a world record holder and the president of Krish Arts Organization. His Emblazon art Exhibit turned out to be a turning point of Dheeraj’s love towards art and now he can make a single letter in just 3 minutes or less than that, seeing his trampled never give up attitude Krish Appointed him as the secretary to the organization. Later on he conducted Several Art workshops and Exhibits driving passion in many other students around him and his social community, he travelled many places to attend the art exhibits and learn the expertise arts better than him which shows his craze towards the art.




He’s now the President of AVNIET E-cell also the owner of Dheeraj ARTitude Organization, a platform for prevailing and passionate art fans who choose to be different and unique valuing their interests as their career. Being a 3rd Year student of AVNIET he is multi-tasking with his career and passion maintaining his recognition expanding his connections encouraging his fellow mates and juniors who contact him or he find them with. Other than his Art Freak mind he is interested in dancing and an Ace performer on and off stage, he likes boxing for self defence and travelling nationally also love to do trekking at the most adventurous places to withstand, his interest towards listening  flickering him to be a guitar player as a beginner now,he loves cycling and capturing the most beautiful details of nature through photography.Dheeraj Kolla's Artitude 10


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He studies at AVNIET and stays at Saroornagar, Hyderabad which no one knew back in times but now his name has been Recognition to his college and his stay, which blushes his parents in happiness. He stood for his Passions, he worked on for his interests though he was literally got scolded by parents and mocked by known people and friends for wasting time

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and now here he stands making his parents feel proud of his efforts and the compliments given to him by people in the society.That itself is a good start to achieve something more passionate in future.His sister is also an artist who is passionate towards craft gallery , his mom was an artist too and every other mother she is innovative at interior decorations.






Whatever you achieve with your Passion or Interest in your Life, There is no other best feel than watching a Proud Smile on Your Parent’s Face because of you. Make sure your time and Efforts worth their and finally your satisfaction.

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Stay Passionate                                               Stay Independent                                                   Stay Responsible





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