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Cricket fans can’t stop their laugh after watching this video

Cricket is the very important game for Indians and not only India many parts of this tiny world got mad for this game.They just settle before Television watching it without blinking their eyes for hours.This game passion for people.Children just play this game every Sunday.Even they stop eating food but no one can stop them holding bat on their holidays.You can watch going mad whenever their home team wins battle of ball and bat.



Also there are so many funny things happening in and around cricket.Funny run outs,funny crowd shouts,laughable bowling actions,funny mistakes,hit of bowl in the places which can’t be defined,Nasty disputes,animals and birds running and flying around Ground.As we have took some funny incidents we must say that there is also so much risk involved in this game of cricket.Philip have lost his lost his life when bowl has hit his brain.So much care must be maintained by player to get pure fun from this game.

Source: officialcricket

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