Clash between Akkineni and Nandamuri

nagarjuna fires on balakrishna

Hero Nagarjuna’s new film is set to be released in January 15. Previously Nagarjuna is one of the star hero with great Stardom in south India. Two top films were set to release on January 2016. On January 7 Junior NTR Nannaku Prematho is set to release and on January 14 Balakrishna’s Dictator film is set to be released.

By the previous calculations of Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna registered many theaters on Two telugu states. Now Nagarjuna don’t have any problem for the release of his film. There will not be any theater problem for Nagarjuna’s film (Sogade chinni Nayana). There is a problem for Balakrishna to release his movies in many theaters.




Already many of the theaters were booked by Nagarjuna and Junior NTR film is going to cover as many as theaters So there will a bit problem in the release of Dictator movie. Many movies were postponed after the confirmation of release dates. Same thing may happen again with this movies and any one of the movie might get postponed.

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