Chiru Hopes on Akhil for 151 Movie

Chiru Hopes on Akhil for 151 MovieĀ 

Mega Star Chiranjeevi entered back to film industry after 6 years with Bruce Lee film but the movie did not got good response from the audience. From one year Chiranjeevi is saying that he is going to start his next film but he have not started any of the film. First many members though that puri would make a film with Chiru. They both decided to make a movie but due to some reasons the movie got cancelled. After that there is a talk in the industry that mega star is going to make a film with Director V V vinayak. V V vinayak is presently busy with Akhil Film. Chiranjeevi decided to make a film V V Vinayak if he success with Akhil film. If Akhil movie will be a success then Chiru and V V vinayak might make a movie.

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