Chiranjeevi Sensational Comments on Pawan Kalyan

Chiranjeevi entered in politics 5 years ago but have not succeeded in it, He established a party Praja Rajyam but did not get enough votes from the public to get a position on state politics after some months Chiranjeevi joined his party  with congress. After joining the party into congress he got central ministry. At the time of elections Chiranjeevi participated as the main contesting person in Andhra Pradesh elections.

Pawan Kalyan own brother of chiranjeevi joined his hands with the opposition party TDP and supported it. This is the issue between this brothers. Both of these brothers have a good following in public. in 2014 elections they both were in opposite groups. This might worried their fans. In the interview chiranjeevi clearly said that the issue is the political one and they both were good at their family. He said politics cannot divide them, He informed that they are celebrating the festivals together. The issue has been clarified by chiranjeevi in this pattern.

Source : NTV Telugu

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