You will shock after knowing about Zukerberg property

Mark Zukerberg launched facebook with his team inĀ 2004. He has listed in top 1 position in worlds youngest rich persons.     According to the survey of the officials his property is about 2,370,00,00,00,000 Indian Rupees.   That means 2.37 lakh crores really huge amount. People like this will stay as inspiring for younger generations.   [AppearHere]   Everyday around 600 million people use facebook. The words most used social network. Now facebook is ranking in top 3 position in

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The way she helps the poor made me speechless

In our daily we see many poor people beside road sides or some where else. Many of our does not help them. Some wants to help but they can’t due to some issues. Some people don’t like to see or touch them. But here this girl in feeding the poor by giving them food on her free time.   She is not only giving food to them but also cleaning their wounds with medicines. Many don’t like to touch them

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Loans for onions on telugu states

We know that rates of onions are raising higher and it is now a bit hard for lower middle class family to buy sufficient onions for their home.   And here today we saw in a news channel government is going to provide loans to but onions for shopkeepers.     Now a days onions rate look like gold rates. People are shouting in raise of rates for their necessary needs.   [AppearHere]   Even job holders are not capable

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