Life of Engineers

Maths 1- Only lecturer knows this subject. Mathematical Methods – More methods , less problems. Physics – Useful only for assignments. Chemistry – Even lecturers don’t know how to teach this. Drawing – Makes us to forget even how to draw a straight line.   [AppearHere]   Physics lab – None of the equipment works perfect. Chemistry lab – Best place to take photos. C and C++ lab – If anyone able to execute a program with error, Then he

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10 Types of students we find in colleges

College days were the most beautiful days in our life. We find most of our friends in college days of course even girl friends. We had many friends with different characters. So who are the most interesting characters among them, 10 Types of students we find in colleges. 1.Party beggars: There might be any reason. Good one or bad. These guys will surely ask party. 2.Class bunkers: These guys will be mostly seen on roads, movies or at any other

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10 Types of people you meet on Whatsapp

Most of the internet users use whats app. Now a days it is the most commonly used messenger among all the other applications. These messenger has many features like smileys calls and many other. This applications is downloaded more than billion members. So let us move on to 10 types of people we will meet in whatsapp.   1.Updater : These kind of people were mostly seen in the groups of Whatsapp. They will update us with the things happening in our

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