Bruce Lee movie Censor Report

Bruce Lee movie is going to be released on 16th October and its Censor Report had completed on 12th. Bruce Lee starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preeth singh. Censor Talk is that the movie is good and the fight scenes are really awesome. Dance in the songs were also too good. Sentimental scenes and other parts of the movie also had a good screenplay. The movie impressed movie censor board members.




The special attraction to the movie is Mega star role in the movie. He will be in the screen only for 5 minutes. Ram Charan expression skills were also improved in this film. Rakul Preeth Singh Glamour will also be a plus point to the movie.

Fans were expecting much from this movie. It is going to be released in Both south Indian film industries at once. In Telugu and Tamil Languages. It is also going to be screened in more theaters than previous film in Overseas.

Bruce Lee movie Censor Report = U/A

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