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Both Hero’s Ram Charan and Chaithanya Trying one Girl

Both Actors Ram Charan and Naga Chaithanya were interested in acting with the malayalam actress who had a huge following. Both of these hero’s film are not yet decided. Ram Charan’s new film bruce lee has completed its shooting and set to release in 10th month. Where as Naga Chaithanya also completed his new film shooting. These both hero’s were planning another movie and they were interested in acting with same actress. Both Hero’s Ram Charan and Chaithanya Trying one girl.




Actress have not confirmed to act with any of these hero’s till now. She even have not got much craze in Telugu audience. The director and the producer needs to accept her in lead role.

Much things need to take place in the movies. Schedule, places and much other things left over. She might act with both the hero’s if there are dates to act in both movies. No matter has been officially confirmed yet. Hope both hero’s will have success in their upcoming movies. Best wishes from Team Being Legends.

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