Bollywood Top 5 Actress

Being an Actress is one of the hardest and good part in the life of a model. Bollywood Top 5 Actress present in this article.Being at top position in the actress list is the not common thing among people. Bollywood had awesome actress who had been in the industry from several places. Hard work is the key to success. Being a successful Actress is the best part in Industry. Top 5 Bollywood Actress.




Actress now a days are not capable of staying for a long time in the industry were as actors will have a long life in the industry. There were some actresses who are being in the industry for a long time. Even they were known as queens of the Bollywood industry.

1.Deepika paduukone.

deepika padukone

2Katrina kaif.

katrina kaif

3.Priyanka chopra.

priyanka chopra

4.Anushka Sharma.

anushka sharma

5.Shraddha kapoor.

Shraddha Kapoor

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