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Bobby disappointed by PawanKalyan’s decision

Director Bobby about Pawan Kalyan

Like other directors of TFI bobby is also diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan. He still believes in his fortune to obtain the chance of directing Pawan Kalyan Garu.

Bobby disappointed by PawanKalyan decision

As soon as Pawan Kalyan announced the decision of leaving the Film Industry after Shooting on 2 to 3 Projects in a big banner,which ultimately mused the fans, followers and literally his disciples.Bobby himself seriously wishes to oppose his decision and statements that “I will be the first one to do Dharna if he leaves Film Industry” which shows his disciple treatment toward Pawan Kalyan garu.




Bobby also reveals that he has two scripts ready for his next projects and they will be started after a month gap after Sardar release as he wishes to spend time with his wife

Sardar Gabbar Singh is about to release on April 8th over all the world with huge Openings expected.


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