How to make money from Google pay

Low the volume

If you do not have a google pay account and want to get one, Here is the link download and start using the app.


Google pay gives you vouchers every time you transfer amount more than 150 rupees. Google pay gives away plenty of vouchers every time you make a valid transaction. Apart from those transactions above 500 will get us a new orange voucher where we can make a chance of winning 1 lakh rupees. There are users who made 1 lakh rupees with this app. Even you can refer people and get 51 rupees per user. Don’t you believe? You can download the app and start making money.

Isn’t this easy way of making money, Because we aren’t investing anything. The only expenditure we are putting is our time and getting good amount in return. So if you have already tried using Google pay, You may already know the way to earn from it and if you haven’t used the google pay. Please do signup from the link I provided. Hope you liked it

Best Freelancer Sites to Make Money online

There are plenty of freelance websites to make money online. The procedure to make money online through freelancing website is as follows. The first and foremost thing is to register on a good freelance website. Each freelance website has there own way of signing up and questionaire’s. The important thing to remember is what kind of service you are willing to provide them. Services can be of any type such as content writing, Digital marketing, web designing, wordpress, video editing, social media account maintaining, coding, designing and much more. You can even be a language translator and make money online. So first know your skills and suitable site before signing up.

Freelance websites such as fiverr, workup, freelance are mostly popular in current timeline. You may be having a doubt how can you recieve the payments. Payments can be easily recieved through paypal, payonneer, wire transfer and much more facilties, some websites even pay in the form of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. What all you need to do is to read clearly about website instruction and start making money. Try to get 5 star to attract more clients towards your gigs.

Google Is Approaching Quantum Supremacy

We know that every data or information is carried in the form bit/byte. Cell phones, laptops, computers almost every electronic gadget work with the help of bits. However as the technology is advancing we are tending to invent something new and this is where Google took up the quantum supremacy to advance the transfer of data and to build a super computer in the size of a normal computer.

Google a multimillion and multinational company which now stands top on every website and company started building a quantum computer in 2019 and was succeeded in it. Google states that the new model of computer which is going to change the of computing data is completed. The quantum computer build by Google has a drastic amount of computing power which is equal to the super computer. The company did run some test on quantum computer against super computer to test the computing strength and the results are on the side of quantum computer.

Google quantum computer transfers data as Qubit. As the development of computers happening the scientist had confirmed that by building the quantum computer Google has achieved quantum supremacy which is a state where we are advancing by using quantum world.   

Best Mobile Selling Companies 2020

The IT companies and mobile companies need branding as the main part and the trust is built with branding. Smartphones are a minimum of one year lasting devices which provides an enormous user-friendly e maintenance with users. Smartphones can be bought at a cheaper price from 3000 rupees which is $50 to more than 100000 rupees which are around 1500 dollars. User buy according to their capability but what makes them choose a smartphone is the brand the company’s reputation, the company’s long-lasting stability. Specifications of the device play a major role in marketing smart phone. Tech company such as apple who costs a lot of money for their gadgets and still there are people who buy the gases because of companies reputation.

There are also companies such as redmi where they sell the smartphones at very less cost compared to other companies but still, there are some doubts with the customer that how long does redmi phone last and how standard are there glasses. There are phone pros and cons in the market and it’s up to the user’s choice to choose the best according to their need. So when it comes to the growing companies of 2020 the best and the most selling companies are as follows. Xiaomi, Motorola, one plus, Samsung. So what’s the phone you are using right now and what do you think of buying in the future.

Why MBA or Masters in overseas?

An MBA overseas is a dream for youngsters of the current generation. Though it’s costly and hard, they are interested to go and study in foreign countries. Youngsters in present generations are trying to find luxury and comfort over needs. the percentage of youngsters going to foreign countries for pursuing masters in different fields has been increasing for years. They are going to study masters but their field of interest is to get a job and settle down in the country. Preferable countries such as United States, Australia, and some in Britain. Students usually spend millions of money on the college fees and travel expenses. after working part-time or working for a company full time can get them this money back. still there is being a lot of troubles faced by the youngsters regarding visas and the country immigration terms.

There are n number of masters programs available to pursue in the current generation. Master such as the fields of data science, digital marketing, management, computer application, programming and a lot other. Each kind of master has their own specialization and the quality of the domain work. It is estimated that more than a million students travel overseas every year to pursue masters in different fields. Coming to the corporate sector there are a bunch of companies that work for foreign clients. The reason behind this is the countries which are having the dignity of labor cannot hire the people for less cost so they are finding countries that can provide the work at the minimum cheap price. This kind of process of giving away the projects to the countries which do not pass the dignity of labor acts is bringing jobs to the millions of youngsters in countries like India and other countries which do not have high labour charges.

Domain Marketing Business. Buy and Sell Domains to make money

Domain marketing business is a kind of work from home business where you can invest in buying specific domains and selling them at better prices. There are a bunch of websites where you can buy the domains and there is also n number of websites where you can sell them. There are websites such as GoDaddy where you can put your domain for auctions and the people will come and buy the domain and you can get the best prices for the domain and sell it. Domain marketing is no less than real estate marketing because the domain is a specific address where the data of a specific brand can be stored and marketed. So the best domain brings them the best brand companies who spend millions of rupees in their marketing and production will not hesitate to put some thousands of dollars to buy a specific domain. There are a lot of companies coming up with huge Investments and different names they are interested in taking their market online and there are a bunch of good names where you can buy and store yourself to market them in the future. of course, the domain registration period is limited to one year but still, we can extend up domain registration time for a longer period in specific websites that provide domain registration for less cost.

This kind of marketing and strategy requires some experience and you are not supposed to spend thousands of dollars on the domain which may not be sold for that price in the future so you need to be careful with your investment and you should never blindly invest in any domain because you may lose all the money if no one buys them in the future. Hope you understand the way of marketing your minds and I will be happy to help you out if you ping me on Facebook I am adding the page link to the article thank you

A Medical Miracle ! Baby Born without skin in India

Do you have a medical insurance? If not make sure to have one because we do not know when an emergency strikes. So here is a story of a kid who born with skin. In these cases babies rarely born dead but here a miracle happened and baby lived for some hours. Though the news says that he is not given proper medication but some doctors say its not possible to save the kids born with such order.

These kind of medical syndromes happen rarely. The villagers though of different perspectives towards the kid. Some believed it as gods decision some rumoured different opinions but still at the end science can solve the issues and it did solved the case by explaining what kind of syndrome caused the baby to born without a skin. So at the end make sure to have regular checkups with doctors incase of need and make sure to have a medical insurance which can save you from emergencies.

Chinese Technology Changing The Work Life – Scroll For Video

Technology is changing the way of world. Internet of things ( IOT ) is taking over work life of many people. We are building artificial intelligence to make our life’s easier at the same time, it is taking the jobs of millions. Well it is estimated in the coming years the robots will taking over the 16% jobs of human beings. We there will also be chances to produce new domain jobs.

Playing with robot !!

Playing with robot !!

Posted by Actress Samantha Fans on Friday, December 13, 2019

Still we haven’t figured out emotional robots who can deal with the human emotions according to situations. There are some andro humanoid robots who can fight for us but still the robots which have capability to deal with the emotions of humans aren’t designed. Now coming to the point have you seen the andro humanoid robo built by boston technologies. Have you observed the technological geeks who built self driving electronic equipment like tesla. What are you opinions on this subjects. What do you think the future of technology will be.

How to a get a job in 1 week ?

Job is the main source of earning for Billions of people. Finding a job as fresher isn’t an easy. People learn different courses to join the companies. There are n number of jobs and domain in the market and students get confused to choose the best platform. Though there are consultancies and elders who can help in managing the career choices but still its a hard and risky way if we step on wrong side.

So, if you are a fresher and interested in joining a company then you can do the following ways to get a job in a week. Lets get started with the possible ways of getting a job in a week.

Choosing online platforms in finding the job. So lets get to know what are these job providing website. 1) Naukri 2) Glassdoor 3) Indeed. These are the three major websites where you can find your job. Follow the steps.

Update your resume according to domains. (In this case Domain mean category of job profile)

Look for the job opening and walkins. Contact them if they don’t contact you. HR numbers will be provided in the website. Atleast there mails will be available.

Attend the interviews. Atleast try to be in contact with one company in a day. Within a week, your job career will be started.

4 Ways to get instant loan

To be clear taking loan is like borrowing money and giving more in return which is capital + interest. The world is running with economical debts towards one and other. So now when we come to loan section, we will be having different kind of loans in different formats. Lets sort them one by one. So when we come to instant loans here are some.

  1. Personal Loan: personal loans are the best means of loans. Banks provide personal loans with some interest ranging from 8% to 14% per anum. Though these types of loans are easy to get but banks do provide them to limited number of people.
  2. Home Loan: Home loans are provided to the people who have homes with them. They can use it to build better homes or they can use it in there own way if they have the home.
  3. Mortage Loan: Mortage loans are giving in exchange of guaranteed when the capital is not paid by the user to the bank. These kind of loans are giving easily but requires some property.
  4. Mobile App Loans: Last but not least, user can get loans from the mobile app within minutes. These won’t be much money but little enough for basic needs. Mostly they will be below 3000 dollars.