Biggest Rivalry Ends “Dasari’s film with Pawan Kalyan Announced”

Dasari Movie with Pawan Kalyan

As we know about the rivalry between mega family and Dasari Narayana Rao,earlier announcements made this look like the end of the Rivalry.
We all know about the earlier announcement of dasari narayana rao’s film which will be starring Pawan Kalyan with a different story in it.
He also Mentioned that even being a Veteran actor,character artist,writer and director he would only stick to the production department which nerved every ones interest eventually.

Fans being Insomniac of this crazy combination eagerly waiting to know about the details of the on coming film, as it has been just a statement and no further proceedings regarding the script,director and other frames are announced.




Putting everyone rolled in gossips regarding the film there were rumours of gopala gopala fame dolly being the director earlier.

Putting an end to the fake news , this morning Satyadeva director of Balayya’s Lion revealed that the project discussions detailing the script were detailed to Pawan kalyan and Dasari came to an end and now Pavan is been busy in his oncoming Hype Sardar Gabbar Singh film further announcements and additional technicians will be decided soon enough.

Thus its listed as the top most awaited film combination of Dasari and Power Star .

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