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Big Boss Final Episode TRP Rating Telugu

Big boss show started at USA and being successful with the concept. Big Boss Final Episode TRP Rating Telugu. Big Boss has started as Big Brother Show and then the show had became very popular in public and also the show was held in different countries. finally reached to India As Big Boss at first the show was held in north India and the host was Amithabh Bacchan and then the show was came to south India. The show was held in many languages like Kanada, Tamil, Malayalam and finally came to telugu.

How Big Boss show Immense Response

14 Contestants, 70 Days, 60 Cameras, 1 Host, Number of people working together to built the best entertaining reality big boss show for Telugu audience.

Big Boss is the most watched reality show in Telugu small screen industry. The show stole the hearts of the Telugu audience. Junior NTR hosting got an immense response from the public.

The best part of the show is the activities which had been held at Big Boss House to entertain the audience and the contestant. So if the activities are not comfortable to the contestant he/she may feel some hatred and anger on the other contestants.

If the contestants in the house fight with each other or get anger on each other then the show popularity will automatically goes up. That’s the reason why Big Boss will give some task which is uncomfortable or difficult to the contestant.

Big Boss Final Episode TRP Rating Telugu

The final episode TRP rating of the Big Boss show is 16.9. This is one of the highest rating ever recorded in Television screen. Telugu audience throughout the world are watching the show. Audience who don’t have television in different places are watching the show in websites. The final contestants got an immense craze in the public and the celebrities who participated in the show might get plenty of chances in the film industry.

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