The Best Ways To Save Mobile Battery

The Best Ways To Save Mobile Battery

It is much hard to maintain a mobile battery up for a long time. Of course old mobiles do run very well in case of battery. Now a days each and every one are using Android and other smart phones. Because of huge apps and other accessories the battery drains very quickly. By knowing some tips and maintaining them perfectly we can improve the battery life. The Best Ways To Save Mobile Battery.

Before knowing how to save the battery life. You need to know how the battery is performing in your mobile. You can see the options on battery life option. Their the device will show you the percentage of battery used for each app.

If this option is not available in your mobile. Their are also some apps which can be used to see the amount of battery used for each app. Even costly mobiles like Apple Iphone 6s and other huge priced smart phones can use this method. One should know how he is using his batter life. So that he can save the battery life.

Mostly background apps drain the battery much as well as games which run on background. If we can cover this apps we can easily maintain good battery performance.This is the simple method without any additional apps. In my view this is the simplest method of saving the battery life.


  • Charge your mobile up to 100% percent but don’t connect the charger after the charging is full.
  • Use only company authorized chargers.
  • Don’t use your battery until it discharges completely.

The Best Ways To Save Mobile Battery – Summary

  • Check background apps.
  • Stop background apps which were not useful.
  • Don’t use your mobile when the battery is below 10% .
  • Use company authorized chargers.



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