Best ROFL from Mahesh Fans

Best ROFL from Super Star Mahesh Fans. This is the video edited from news footage covered by ABN during the audio release of Mahesh and Sukumar’s 1 Nenokadine movie under the Production of 14 Reels Entertainment.

The Plot of the video was very simple.The main attraction of this video was the two guys who themselves said that they are huge fans of Mahesh Babu. All are aware that the audio function of  1 Nenokidine was performed in a different way. Audio was being first time released in theaters itself.This became very sensational at that time.During that time these two guys were being interviewed by an interviewer.

The guy said that he was very big fan of Mahesh and music was very good especially “Who are You” song.Then anchor asked him to “Hum” he said “HUMM” then and again shoute “HUMMMM”

In real sense HUM means just to sing few lines of song but as he doesn’t know meaning of that word he repeated word HUM .This is quiet common and Mahesh fans alone cannot be blamed for this.

NOTE: This video was published just to share FUN but not to insult anyone.Hope you guys understand. 

Source : Anesh pawanFan


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