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Best Android Games Around The World

Best Android Games, Most of the people in the world like to play games in their mobiles. Different persons do like different kinds of games. Some do like strategy games and some like simple sport games. So what are the Best Android Games which were liked by most of the people in the world.

2 Types of Best Android Games

Online and Offline games, Most of the people prefer offline games because i would be easy for them to play at any time and any where. Most of the strategy games are online games.

Online Android Games

The most loved online games around the world are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, 8 Ball and some other games.

Offline Android Games

There are many attractive offline android games like Temple run, Subway Surfers, Stick man and some other.




The games that i have listed were most known games around the world. There are also some other games which were good and attractive but they were with higher MB like Asphalt 8, Plants vs Zombies and few other.

Mostly these games were played in higher number around the world. There are also some other games people like to play but these games were trending from past 2 years.

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