Which Is The Best Among NASA, SpaceX And ISRO


Which is the best among SpaceX, Nasa and ISRO. We all know that these three are about astronomy. So which of these companies are the best in the world. Let’s see that which company is the best one. The Three Companies SpaceX, Nasa and ISRO had done many awesome things for the world and also for their nation. Nasa is running by the USA government which has a huge amount of money for the company just as Nasa, ISRO is running by the indian government. SpaceX is quite different from the Nasa and ISRO SpaceX is a private company which is running by Elon Musk.

Which is Best Company Among NASA, SPACEX and ISRO

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Act is the full form NASA. NASA belongs to USA country in which they had introduced many new space things in the past. According to some scientist of NASA they said that the future of the world should hope on NASA for traveling to Space. NASA has great amount of money and also had huge amount of super computers and also they had high Internet speed among these three space station. NASA is far more updated and also upgraded version of all the space station.

NASA Space Station

SpaceX: Space X is the company of Elon musk who had became so popular in the past. Elon Musk Story is one of the most inspiring story among all the astronauts and business men. Elon Musk has many companies non other than SpaceX but this is the only company of Astronomy of Elon Musk. If you think about it how could a single man can run a whole astronomy company with his money. The answer is very interesting Elon Musk can run a whole astronomy company by his won because of his Intelligence. Elon Musk investment on rockets and other scientific things are quite different from NASA and ISRO. Elon Musk investments are low on rockets but he will buy best quality rockets in a clear manner. Elon Musk buy the parts of the rockets and his company Engineers will start working on creating new level of rocket in his company.

SPACEX Organisation

Elon Musk Space X company has sent a car to the Space with dummy driver on it by that car he could actually control many satellites around the car he could actually destroy the earth in quite few seconds but he will not take that as an advantage.


ISRO: Indian Space And Research Organisation is known as ISRO. ISRO is running by the Indian government. ISRO is also just like NASA but with some low technology ISRO has a high investment rate in the rockets and Space stations. Once ISRO has sent 104 satellite to the space this is the best record among all the companies around the world no companies even tried to send 104 satellite at a same time. This is the best record of ISRO.

ISRO Organisation

So what do you think which is the best Company among all. We should accept that these three are a wonderful Organisation but NASA is the best. NASA is like father of all the Space Stations and all.

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