Best 5 Horror Movies of Tollywood

Best 5 Horror Movies of Tollywood. Tollywood has many horror from its beginning but most of the movies do not be much horror. Even being much horror some movies were not liked by the audience. There are some horror movies which got huge collections and stayed as one of the best movies in the industry. There are different kinds of directors who concentrate on different kinds of horror stories.




Many movies will in the form of horror comedy. Most of the movies will have entertainment. Each director will have his unique style of direction. Selecting the best movies from Horror list is a bit difficult task. Because each person will have different kind of interest on films.

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Best 5 Horror Movies of Tollywood 

  • Raksha
  • Arundhathi
  • Marri Chettu ( Old film)
  • Muni series 1,2 and 3
  • Avunu

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