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Banoth Madan Lal Biography | MLA From YSRCP

Banoth Maddan Lal biography

Candidate Name: Banoth Madan lal

 Father Name: Mansingh.B

Age: 50 years

Address: 1-208, v&p: Erlapudi ( Dist ), A.P, Pin code:  507182

Name enrolled as voter in : 112 Khammam (Andhra Pradesh Constituency, at serial no51in part no 14 )E

Profession: Agriculturist

Spouse Profession: House wife

Assets: 1,49,07,753~1crore+

Liabilities: 6,34,110~Lacs+

Banoth Madan Lal  S/o Mansingh is an agriculturist belongs to Erlapudi,  Andhra Pradesh. He was elected as MLA by the people with 10583 votes majority from Wyra constituency. He contests from  YSR Congress. The permanent address of Banoth Madan Lal is 1-208, V&P: Erlapudi (Dist), A.P, Pincode: 507182.  Madan Lal graduated from Osmania university. 

Banoth Madan Lal holds the assets worth 1 crore+ in which 24 Lakhs+ are movable assets and 1 crore+ are immovable assets. The income of Madan Lal is 1,50,000 rupees. Madan Lal has 82 thousand rupees which are deposited in various banks. Madan Lal spouse wears 6 Lakhs+ worth jewellery. Madan Lal owns an agriculture land in Erlapudi which worth’s 20 Lakhs +. Madan Lal spouse too owns a non- agriculture land which worth’s 25 Lakhs+ and residential building which worth 80 Lakhs+. The total income of Madan Lal shown in ITR is 4 Lakhs+. There are also liabilities for Madan Lal which worth’s 6 Lakhs+. Madan Lal took an agricultural loan worth 3 Lakhs+ from CBI bank. He also took loans from Allahabad bank and APGVB worth 2 Lakhs+ 

Political Career

In 2014 election Banoth Madan Lal gained 59,318 votes from Wyra constituency people. Madan Lal won the election with a majority of 10,583 votes. Madan Lal made many developments in Wyra constituency. The public of Wyra constituency gained many advantages by choosing Madan Lal. Keep on visiting our website for more updates. 

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