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Balakrishna too Hilarious in This Video

Nandamuri Balakrishna who was a very inspiring person for so many of his fans.He was now called as MLA rather than Hero as he became MLA of Hindupuram constituency.His craze among Nandamuri fans was always at a peak stage.Also his love towards his fans gave him more people admire of him.

          Also he was so much famous for his service for cancer affected people through the hospital built by his father Late Nandamuri Taraka Rama rao garu . The people who were being treated over there were not supposed to pay any ttype of fees. All the services over there were just free of cost.

               besides this all he was also good entertainer.he Always makes everyone to laugh.His active participation in every event was awesome. This video was taken from Legend Audi Function. Balayya babu funny nature definitely makes you to laugh. Also everyone on stage and below stage laughs with their full heart. Balakrishna really a awesome man with a Beautiful heart.

Source : 14Reels

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