Balakrishna Beats His Fan In Public

Balakrishna Beats His Fan In Public

We know that Balakrishna will not care any one if he thinks what he is doing is right. Recently Chiranjeevi scold a fan after an audio launch this made many people react upon his incident. Behaving with fans is the main thing for the top actors but when it comes to BalaKrishan he never cares about the other if the person misbehaves in front of him.

Even in an interview he said about Chiranjeevi that he is not interested in calling Chiru to the function. Some times this kind of behavior might get him into a different situation because recently Balakrishna words in an audio launch made many of the people to get angry on his words about women. Many news channels through out India Telecast his news on the their channel about his words. The incident have not completed yet and another thing has been made by Balakrishna

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