Bahubali Part-2 True Story

Bahubali part 1 is the movie which stole many of our hearts with huge visual effects and story. The ending of the story did cleared the complete part. Why did kattappa killed Bahubali..

Director Rajamouli said we can know the complete part in Bahubali the conclusion. But the most unknown question is India right now is Why did kattappa killed bahubali.

So the complete story can be known in Part 2

Bahubali Part 2 Story

After winning the war Bahubali is declared as the king of Mahismathi kingdom. Devasena wife of Bahubali belongs to Kunthala Kingdom. Bahubali would like to marry her. Even Devasena is in love with Bahubali.

But his brother Ballaladeva wants to marry Devasena. Ballaladeva request his mother and tells her about his love towards Devasena. Shivagami devi mother of Ballaladeva agrees with his son Ballaladeva and tells bahubali that his brother wants to marry princess of Kunthala kingdom.

Bahubali disagrees with the word of mother Shivagami. So Bahubali leaves his kingdom and travels to the kingdom of kunthala. Later on Balla becomes the king of Mahismathi kingdom.




Now the king of mahismathi wants to occupy kunthala kingdom. So Balla declares war upon his neighboring kingdom.

But the Kunthala kingdom belongs to queen devasena. So Bahubali supports his Queen devasena kingdom and he is ready to fight against his own kingdom.

They were ready for the war with very little army with them.

Mahismathi is a huge kingdom with 25,000+ troops with them. The war took place between the two kingdoms.

Bahubali and his brother Ballaladeva were on fight. Kattappa is a true soldier who always serves the king of mahismathi kingdom.

In the war Ballaladeva is on way to loose with Bahubali so Kattappa harms bahubali form his back. On the step next to the kattappa Ballaladeva also takes another weapon and killed Bahubali in the war.

Then Ballaladeva occupies the complete kunthala kingdom.

Later on Shivudu who is saved by Shivagami devi will know the story and declares war upon Balladeva.  Shivudu does not have any army with him.

But there will no war between the kings. The both will fight alone. Even Balladeva is the king of Mahismathi kingdom the soldiers won’t support him.

Finally Bahubali’s son Shivudu kills Balladeva and gets his kingdom back.


  • vnod

    bt y soldiers attacked shivagami at the time of saving shivudu

    • Because after the death of bahubali. Balla wants to kill the son of bahubali which was disliked by the grand mother Shivagami that the reason soldiers attacked Shivagami

  • akash bharade

    no its not true. because bahubali can’t war with his own maheshmati kingdome

  • Razzan gidijala

    At the starting of part 1 ballaldev’s mother wants to be killed by mahismathi army but y and also she prays to god to refuse all her mistakes that she made..i think sivagamini herself tells to katappa to kill bahubali in battle and she wants to save the son of bahu as ballal won’t like this he wants to kill his own mother..

    • Shivagami says to save the fame of her Kingdom in the battle but bahubali is in opposition side as said in the story. That is the reason Kattappa killed Bahubali.

  • Nithin

    Who is the wife of ballaladeva

  • Thushara Lakshmanan

    Is this story true?Amarendra bahubali leaves his kingdom and the people who likes him very much because sivagami disagreed to marry devasena?


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