Bahubali is set to release as 3 Parts

Recently Bahubali movie has created many of the records in Indian film industry. All the people though that there are only two parts in Bahubali film and the second Part is Bahubali The Conclusion and in the second part they will know about why kattapa killed Bahubali.

Second part of the Bahubali film has completed around 60 percent of its shoot and the second part shooting is stopped due the release of first part in many countries. The first part of Bahubali is going to be released in many countries after it has huge success in India.




After the success many people thought that i could also break many records in overseas so it is going to be released in China Japan and some other countries too. After this huge response Director Rajamouli and the team members decided to make the film into Three parts.

The second part will be about why kattappa killed Bahubali and the third Part is Bahubali The conclusion. Bahubali is set to release as 3 Parts.

Note : This is not yet conformed officially. There are many chances and it will be good if it releases as 3 parts.

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