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Backlog Teaches Life in B-Tech

The worst feeling is when your friend clears all the subjects and you are having two or more back papers. And the happiest feeling is when you cleared all the subjects and your friend is having some backlogs yet to be cleared. These kind of situations are often seen in every semester of engineering life but the healthiest habit is to stay away from backlogs.

Exams are like flying kites in the sky. If it is given right direction with strong thread then it flies high in the sky. In the same manner right direction with strong determination is important in engineering life. Even the kite is flied with strong thread it is not noticed but it plays a prominent role. Similarly the time management… it is not noticed how it is done by the students or even taught to the students but it plays a prominent role for the students to prepare for the exams along with strong determination. If these habits are inculcated then we can lead a colorful engineering life without backlogs. Backlogs are otherwise called as percentage boosters.




Sometimes backlogs acts like a boon which can increase your overall percentage. Backlogs may make the students low but the one who understands his weakness on particular subject and overcome his backlogs is the one who can mange his life at any situation.

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One thought on “Backlog Teaches Life in B-Tech

  1. As you said exams and flying kites are similar. There should be good direction for every target you want to achieve. As all know the saying failure is next step to success, never worry for your backlogs, there would be many reasons, but you learn/gain some extra than others. Overall it’s a good article helpful not only for btech it would be anyone

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