Apple To Launch an Office in Hyderabad Worth 170 Crores

Apple is the worlds top brand. It is the most loved brand in the world. Company has its office in US and it is going to open a branch in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. There will be 4500 employes in this new branch. The office will be at Hyderabad with best technical construction. The company may starts its constructing after june 2016.

Complete details of this awesome project were yet to be known. Budget of this project is 170 crores (known till now). There may be some changes. This project will help many people of India. As India is also concentrating on this kind developing things. This is one of the best chance to many youngsters to prove them self.



Even apple new gadgets and service centers may establish here. They may decrease the price of smart phones. Many things may occur by this awesome company which is going to establish its branch in hyderabad. Congratulations India and All the best Apple.

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