Apple is Going To Launch Wireless Charger in 2017

Apple is worlds number 1 brand and is most loved my many of the smart phone users. Apple is Going To Launch Wireless Charger in 2017. Technology is developing day by day. We do have wireless head phones in these days. What about wireless charger. It would be more awesome if we have a wireless charger. Many engineers worked to design this model. Finally the product is going to be launched by apple in 2017 with its next coming mobile version iPhone 7.




With this wireless charger we can charge the mobile from a short distance. Like the distance of a 1 meter wire. It may improve more. The official details about this model were yet to be known. This would be the most loved device of 2017. Model design and other things will be released soon. The mobile will be launched in 2017. The shape of the mobile might be a bit different from the previous versions because it may need to be designed to get into charging pads ( charging equipment ). Hope this will release soon.

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