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Another Lucky Chance for Director Gunashekar

Director Gunashekar new film is Rudramadevi which got positive talk from the public. This movie is not only directed by Gunashekar, He also producer for his film. His 13 years hard work made him to do so. He got many appreciations after the release of film. The characters in the movie were really awesome. At the end of the movie he gave a title that he is going to direct another film.




The second part of the film will be the story of Grand son of Rudramadevi. The hero and other characters in the movie will be decided soon. Previously before releasing the film he did not expected that he will get such a huge response.

Now many producers are ready to make the film. Dill Raju one of the Top most producer in the industry said in an interview that he is ready to produce the film Prathaparudhra. Another Lucky Chance for Director Gunashekar . Hope he will see success again Best wishes from Team Being Legends.

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