Angry Birds Game Turned into Film Releasing World Wide

Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds Game Turned into Film Releasing World Wide:

The Animation World always teaches us to Never Stop Dreaming cause the Illusionated world created in every movie is from the dreams an Passively created life on screen with technology,  Animation adds life to dreamed or Fantasies in daily life or in sleep.There are many vogued characters in some Blockbuster,Award winning,High Grossed,High Technicality Animation Movies.Those films stand apart from the regular films in Technicality,Scripting and Visualization Screening up Fantasy world.There were many Television Series,Online Series and Full Length Movies which bagged the Money, Name and Fame for maintaining their standards and Being Ideal from Regular filming.This Craze of Animation crossed the Boundaries Geographically and Technically as the Technologies are specially innovated for Animations only.Also Animation is used to In-fit and design the Games played virtually with Devices and on Mobiles.




One of such Sensational Games was designed by Rovio Game Designing Company which was proposed by Mikael Hed Niklas Hed which targeted to support gaming at low price and with a comic style and Psychological design concept of human which expanded in over all smart phone gaming world and Play store there were billion downloads counted in and still counting for the game.

Based on such successful and crazed game ‘Fergal Reily’ proposed to film with it’s concept origin encapsulated behind the game , the game runs on the story line of flock of flightless birds and the Red who is short tempered and the situations faced after invasion of pigs into their world for destruction.

Film is scheduled on May 27th for Release in Hindi and English.

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