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Be Alert | An Asteroid is Getting Closer To Earth on September 1, 2017

We have been hearing about asteroids since long time. Asteroid are space mass which travels with heavy speed. Whenever an asteroid hits a planet it will cause a huge destruction to the planet. The asteroid now we are talking is about 4 Kilometers wide and is getting close to the earth.

Well’ Don’t worry my dear people. This asteroid will not hit the earth but it is going to pass near through our planet. The distance between this asteroid and the planet is about 18 times the distance between the earth and moon. Now you may clearly have an idea about the distance between earth and asteroid.

It is possible to this asteroid with the small telescopes from August ending to September 5th. If you are an astronomy lover then you should try to watch the asteroid. Its a great experience and fun exploring the universe and knowing the facts.

All the best have fun and don’t worry we are in safe hands. Our Earth is protecting us from a long time and the brotherhood planets like Jupiter are helping the earth to be safe from Asteroids.

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