Akshay Kumar’s Gold Movie Budget, Remuneration And Release Date

The budget of gold movie

Akshay Kumar’s Gold Movie Budget, Remuneration And Release Date. Gold is the new movie of Akshay Kumar which is directed by Reema Kagthi. Gold is a historical sports drama genre movie which will entertain all the people who watch the movie. This movie is going to be a massive hit for Akshay Kumar. Gold is the movie which inspires every sportsmen. Gold is a movie about the Indian sportsman who is trying to win a gold for his nation. This movie shows how hard a sportsman goes through to win a gold medal for his nation.

Akshay Kumar’s Gold Movie Budget, Remuneration And Release Date

Cast And Crew Of Gold Movie:

Lead Role (Male): Akshay Kumar.

Lead Role (Female): Kunal Kapoor.

Supporting Role: Mouni Roy, Amit Sadh, Vineet Kumar Singh, Sunny Kaushal, Kumud Pant.

Director: Reema Kagti.

Producer: Ritesh Sidwani, Farhan Aktar.

Music Director: Saching Jigar.

Production Company: Excel Entertainment.

Here is the cast and crew of the movie Gold however this isn’t the complete cast and crew of gold movie. There are stills some other people who are in the crew of Gold movie.

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Budget Of Gold Movie:

The budget of the gold movie has first been 50 crores but later increased to almost 70 crores. However later changed into the price of almost 80 crores. According to our estimation the budget of Gold movie is more than 80 crores. However this is just our estimation on the budget. The complete budget is even more high than the estimation.

Remuneration Of Gold Movie:

The given remunerations are just our estimations

Akshay Kumar: 15 Crores

Kunal Kapoor: 1 Crore.

The given remuneration are just our estimations.

Release Date of Gold Movie:

The release date has been so tough decision for the movie team. The release date has been decided by the direction department. The release date is 15th august 2018. However this date can be changed due to the slow down of the movie shooting. This movie is going to be released on the date of 15th march or going to be changed and will be released on the month of December.

Hope that this movie releases soon and gets good collection. Gold is a movie which describes the inner feelings and the hard work of the sportsman this movie is going to be a massive hit after its release. Check out the gold movie at you nearest theater on the date of 15th august. Not only the gold but also check out the Akshay Kumar robo 2.0 movie which is going to be released soon in the theaters.

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