Akhil Movie Trailer – Production Department Sresth Movies

The new debut movie of Akhil under the production of sresth movie banner, Nitin is the hero who is making the debut movie production of Akkineni Akhil.

The movie distributors had bought the movie for more than 50 crores before the release of the movie.

This shows the power of the Akhil towards audience. Akhil had became ambassidor of 3 companies before starting the debut film. Akhil is the son of Nagarjuna known as King of tollywood.

The movie is directed by V V Vinayak one of the most successful director of Tollywood Film Industry.

V V Vinayak directed many debut films of the stars who are in present days. He has directed the debut film of Seenu son of Bellamgonda suresh which gave a huge success to the industry.

May Akhil will also have a huge success with his debut film.


source : Sreshth Movies


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