Akhil Movie may postpone from October 22nd

Akhil Movie may postpone from October 22nd . New movie of Akhil is decided to be released on October 22nd but due the release of Rudramadevi and Bruce Lee films. The movie don’t have perfect dates. Rudramadevi had a positive talk from the audience and the movie is going to be released in Tamil version on 16th October. Bruce Lee film also had a huge expectations from the fans. Bruce Lee film also going to be released in Telugu, Tamil and Oversea on 16th October.




Due to this heavy movies there is doubt between the directors and producers that will Akhil movie is capable to participate between this two movies. There are chances that they might postpone the movie.

The movie production members also stopped the promotions of Akhil movie. So they are changes that the movie might get postponed. Postpone of the movie might get Akhil a good result. All the Best Akhil from Team Being Legends.

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