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Ahmedabad – Mumbai bullet train project

Who introduced this project?

The Ahmedabad – Mumbai project was firstly introduced in 2009-2010 rail budgets. This is of 650 km long and was proposed to run from Pune to Ahmedabad passing over Mumbai. On 14th February 2013, the ministry of Indian railway and French railways signed on MOU (memorandum of understanding) for technical operations. Railway development and operations of the project were agreed by the party members. The support for the project was funded by French ministry of finance. As there is a ghat section from Pune to Mumbai route, it is studied that the budget for the project may exceed the expectations. So, the board of railways changed the decision to operate the high-speed railway between Ahmedabad – Mumbai.
On 29th may 2013, India and Japan signed MOU to study the route of Ahmedabad to Mumbai by Prime Minister of India and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. The main objective of the project is to prepare a design of speed of 300-350 km/hr and scheduled to complete in 18 months.

How the project gone through?

JICA (Japanese international cooperation agency) and SNCF studied regarding technologies, alignment aspects and business cooperation’s for Ahmedabad – Mumbai route. On 21 January 2014, several meetings were held between JICA and Indian railway that air conditioned bullet trains are expected to form at speeds of 320 km/hr and a cumulative 534 km/2hrs. Presently the fastest train from Ahmedabad – Mumbai is with a speed of 130 km/hr non-stop. On 2nd April 2014, meetings were held by governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat. On May 2014, the Ahmedabad – Mumbai bullet train project was approved by Prime minister of India Narendra Modi in a meeting with the chairman of high speed corporation of India. On 20th July 2015, the survey been started by JICA and is reported. In 2016, a detailed design study report was given JICA for transportation. Survey work was began in January 2017 along the entire way from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Is the project is free of cost?

Our country runs 10,000 trains about more than 22 million passengers everyday which is equal to the total population of Australia. On inauguration of prestigious project on Ahmadabad – Mumbai bullet train on sambavathi river, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Japan on loan of 88,000 crores at 0.1% interest which is to be repaid in 50years that means it can be said as free of cost. The estimated cost of this high speed rail project is 1, 10,000 crores of 508 kilometres in length. According to the study conducted by IIM Ahmadabad students it is said that, the train will make about 100 trips daily and passengers are about 88,000-118,000 per day and the expected passenger cost per head may be around 3,000.

Future developments

The completion of the project is estimated to be by August 2022 and bullet train expected to come into existence by 15th August of 2022 on75th Independence Day occasion. India and Japan signed to establish a training institute in India by2020 for bullet train operations. It may decrease the unemployment in India to some extent. Hope this would be a cause of increase in sep in development of India

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