Age of Empires 2 Playing method Tips and Tricks

Age of Empires 2 Playing method Tips and Tricks. The game Age of Empires is All about building an awesome kingdom which can defeat any kingdom and should not be defeated by any other kingdom. This is an awesome strategy game which will be mostly liked by many of the people.

Age of Empires 2 Playing method Tips and Tricks – Ways of Gaming

At starting you will get 2 villagers and a troop with 5 homing space. Starting of the game need to be much fast so that your development would be stronger than other bases. Making more villages will make your base to be much stronger. Training your troops were also as important as collections resources and building house and barracks.

Walls were also the crucial part of the game. Watch towers or bomber towers to the back of the wall will help to protect your base from other bases. Towers won’t be counted as troop count.

The max limit of the troop count in Age of empires 2 is 200. First to build a good village you need to create around 50 villages to construct your village quickly.

At starting of the game send your villager to construct maximum amounts huts possible until you reach the maximum member of human space.




Construct Barracks and other troops building with one of your villager. Bring nearby goats to your place for food. Build a market. Select a best place for farming the food. Try to occupy the max gold and stone space in the map.

The more space more way to grow stronger. Build walls with maximum space occupancy also make to have watch towers near your walls. Building castle near to your town hall is safe.

There is no limit for the construction of Town halls in Age of empires 2 so try to have  minimum 2 at different points. Grow maximum troops and defense have enough resources then go for your first attack with maximum troops.

Make sure No one can defeat your kingdom. Even if your soldiers are absent. Watch towers along with walls is the best defense strategy. Patrolling some of your troops with monks is also a good strategy gaming.

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