Actor Sunil’s new movie Title

Sunil turned his acting career from comedian to hero and got a huge success in film industry. One of his best movie is Maryada Ramanna which was directed by Rajamouli. Rajamouli got huge fame after Bahubali. Director Rajamouli’s nick name is Jakkana and now there is a talk in the industry that Sunil’s new movie Title would be Jakkana.

If this is true we it must be a good film and Actor Sunil need to carry a good role in the film. Jakkana is the name of a great artist also known as perfectionist. That great name is given to Director Rajamouli and now Actor Sunil is making a movie upon that name. Hope the film will be as beautiful as the name. All the best Actor Sunil from Team Being Legends.

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