Actor Sudheer And Rashmi Marriage Goes Viral On The Social Media

Does Sudheer Really Married Rashmi?

Actor Sudheer And Rashmi Marriage Goes Viral On The Social Media. Well there has been a lots of rumors and gossips about Sudheer and Rashmi. We could say that they are fake but its different here. Sudheer And Rashmi had done a video about the marriage. Most of the people are thinking that Sudheer and Rashmi has got married is it true or false. Even sudheer and Rashmi has posted many picture of there marriage in the social media. But they all are fake. Let me clear it to you. Read the all the information perfectly to get the answer.

Rashmi And Sudheer

Is Sudheer And Rashmi Marriage Is Fake?

If you think about it will you do your marriage without even having your parents or your guardians or relatives. You might say no, Because most of the people does invite all the people who are in contact with them. So will Sudheer and Rashmi had done a marriage without even having anyone of their relatives in the marriage. Ok, lets just say that how many celebrities has married without having their relatives around. The answer is 0. No one in the telugu film industries had married without having their people around. If you leave it all the above the main reason that shows that Sudheer and Rashmi marriage is fake. Is that, They made a video about it. Do you think that any celebrities gives the complete invitation video to all the people and channel.

So the answer is obvious. The Sudheer and Rashmi wedding is a fake news. If they had really wedded each other then they would at least post a perfect post that shows there marriage. But non of them did that so its obvious that there marriage is fake. So what was the video of the Rashmi And Sudheer marriage. It was just a video of the UGADHI Festival day event which is going to be telecast in ETV channel on that UGADHI.

Here Is The Video Of The Event Of UGADHI Festival

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