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Aamir Khan Says “He Wanted To Do The Sanjay Dutt Role In Sanju Movie”

The sunil dutt movie role of aamir khan

Aamir Khan Says He Wanted To Do The Sanjay Dutt Role In Sanju Movie The director of the Sanju movie has requested Aamir Khan to play the role of sunil dutt the father of sanjay dutt. But Aamir khan had a curiosity to play the sanjay dutt role. The biopic of sanjay dutt is sanju in which ranbir kapoor is playing in the lead role while movie team expected Aamir khan to do the late sunil dutt role but he rejected it just because Aamir khan wanted to do the sanjay dutt role in the movie. On the wednesday morning Aamir khan has interacted with press media and cleared all doubts about his rejection of sunil dutt’s role in the sanju movie.

Most of the fans of Aamir khan has waited for his words about the role of sunil dutt but the fans may or may not be expected this from the Aamir khan. The reporter has first asked the super star Aamir khan that does he was offered for the sunil dutt role then Aamir khan has replied “the director of the sanju movie has approached me and explained a wonderful script of sanjay dutt and i should definitely say that i loved it. The director has said me to play the sunil dutt roles but the sanjay dutt role was unbelievably great.

The story is mostly about the father and his son relationship. As an actor I told the director that sanjay dutt role is so great the it won my heart. So in this film i wanted do the sanjay dutt role but however the Ranbir kapoor is doing it so I rejected it and said do not offer my any other roles in the movie. Aamir khan is wonderful actor who has worked almost 30 years in the film industry has confidence towards the Ranbir Kapoor who can do the role perfectly more than him. Aamir khan who had worked with Hirani on the films of 3 Idoits and PK which brought a wonderful relation between them. The Aamir khan has said that he is eagerly waiting for the sanju movie. The relation between Aamir khan and sanjay dutt was so good and they used be more than friends on the olden times.

The Aamir khan role in sanu movie

Aamir Khan has said that “The jhonny walker, Sanjay Dutt, and I was a great freinds we were more like brothers to each other”. Most of the people knows that Aamir khan respects the Sanjay dutt from bottom of his heart and even call him Dutt saab. Unlike other actors and others relationships these bonding of the Aamir khan and sanjay dutt is different. Most of the people may say that Aamir khan has rejected his role of sunil dutt in the sanju movie due to the selfishness of Aamir khan. But the guys who is really a fan of Aamir khan will definitely understand that he rejected to do the sunil dutt role due to the bonding between the sanjay dutt and Aamir khan which made him to attract towards the lead role


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