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A True story of Mother’s Love

The moment that I thought to write an article the first word that came into my mind is mother .Mother is the one who gives life to her child,she is the first teacher,best caretaker.

Our behavior depends on the way we are got up by our parents. We are totally image of our parents. Mother is the one who understands us very well,who sacrifices everything for us. Even if we are not beautiful, she feels that her children are most beautiful person’s in the world. I want to share you a good story that tells us mother’s love is eternal .One girl named priya is not so beautiful , but she is very talented and she use to be first in her studies. She got married to a man and later he started to hate her by seeing her appearance and she gave birth to a child and the father avoided the child from his mother and later priya left them due to torture of her husband.  The child who was born to priya was having  heart problem and heart transplantation should be done .




They did not get the heart that can be transplanted to child and doctor said that the child will die. There is no other way of treatment which can save her. The mother who came to know about her child gave her heart to the child and thus she sacrificed her life for the sake of her son. she did not even think of herself and the  only thing she had in her mind was  to save her child. This shows that mother’s love is adorable.

Though she is far away from her family ,though they avoided her ,she sacrificed her life because she has a lot of love for her family..she was not able to express her love to the child because of the situations but now she grabbed a chance to show her concern and love towards her family..

Article Credits : Sai Priya Jntucej Karimnagar

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