A Step against Reservation system


1) AIM: To protest against discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion as our Great Constitution Guarantees Equal-Justice to all citizens irrespective of caste, creed,religion or otherwise.

2) To Organize protests as guaranteed by constitution in all districts of the states to safeguard Equal-Justice & discrimination in the spirit of constitution of INDIA.

3) Plan Of Working (Subject to change according to time & as per the needs of the people )

a) Mission will function under the guidance of CORE community , which would consist of core members. The core members will be scholars, doctors, engineers, social workers, advocates, Bureaucrats(IAS,IPS etc)and other officers and also other influential personalities. It will also include people from different organisations fighting for the same/similar cause and student organizations & Welfare Communities eschewing the same.

b) Core team will be then divided into small groups and will be given the responsibility of 1 district – Now the group of core team working at a Dist level will have to search members in the respective dist.(i.e. Each member will search 20 members) -Now the group of core team with the members selected from district will form a Dist-core team of 100.

c) Each member of Dist core team will bring 10 new members to the group- according to city or district or other appropriate division. -Hence a dist sub core team of approx 1000 (or more) will be formed at each dist level.

d) Each dist sub-core team member will take the word to 10 new people and will prepare them for the any campaign or protests anywhere within Dist as guaranteed by our great constitution.

e) Social Media cells will be formed at different required levels to keep each member updated with the activities & functioning of organisation.

f). Other cells will be also formed as per requirement.

Note: Core team members under the guidance of appropriate legal personalities will prepare a draft to be presented to the government or to the respective/responsible committee in spirit with the aims & objectives of “Mission”.

For more details contact 9550493388, 8886813156.

Mail ID – thrdinfo@gmail.com

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